Yoga accessories are tools or items that can enhance your yoga practice, provide support, and help you maintain proper alignment and comfort during yoga sessions. Here are some commonly used yoga accessories:

Yoga Mat: A yoga mat is an essential accessory that provides cushioning, grip, and a non-slip surface for practicing yoga postures (asanas). It offers comfort and stability while protecting you from hard or cold floors.

Yoga Blocks: Yoga blocks are firm foam or cork blocks used to provide support, stability, and balance during poses. They can be placed under your hands, feet, or sit bones to help maintain proper alignment and make poses more accessible, especially for beginners or those with limited flexibility.

Yoga Strap: A yoga strap is a sturdy cotton or nylon strap with a buckle or D-ring at one end. It helps increase flexibility and deepen stretches by allowing you to extend your reach and hold poses that may be challenging due to tightness or limited mobility. It is often used in seated forward folds, shoulder stretches, and binds.

Yoga Bolster: A yoga bolster is a firm, rectangular cushion usually filled with cotton or foam. It provides support and helps in maintaining proper alignment during restorative and gentle yoga poses. Bolsters are often used in poses like Savasana (corpse pose), seated forward bends, and supported backbends.

Yoga Blanket: Yoga blankets are versatile props used for additional support, cushioning, and warmth during yoga practice. They can be folded or rolled to provide extra height in seated poses, knee padding in kneeling poses, or used as a blanket for warmth during relaxation.

Yoga Wheel: A yoga wheel is a circular prop made of sturdy plastic or wood. It is used to deepen stretches, improve flexibility, and enhance balance.

Meditation Cushion: Also known as a zafu or meditation pillow, a meditation cushion helps create a comfortable and stable seated posture for meditation practice. It provides support to the hips and promotes proper spinal alignment during long periods of sitting.

Yoga Towel: A yoga towel is a specially designed, absorbent towel used to cover your yoga mat or as a standalone surface for practicing hot yoga or intense workouts. It absorbs sweat and provides a non-slip surface, ensuring better grip and hygiene.

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