Surya Kriya


Surya Kriya is a powerful yogic practice that originated in ancient India. It is a set of practices that harnesses the solar energy within the human system to activate and balance the solar plexus, which is the energy center located behind the navel. Surya Kriya is designed to bring stability and balance to the body and mind, and it is said to enhance mental clarity, boost physical strength, and activate a deep sense of inner balance and harmony.

The word “Surya” means “sun” in Sanskrit, and “Kriya” refers to an action or practice. Surya Kriya involves a sequence of yoga asanas (postures), dynamic breathing techniques, and specific mantra chanting. The practice is typically taught in a systematic manner, with a trained instructor guiding practitioners through each step.

Surya Kriya is not just a physical exercise but a complete spiritual process. It aims to align the practitioner’s body, mind, and energies with the cycles of the sun, which is considered a powerful source of energy and vitality. The practice is known for its numerous benefits, which may include increased energy levels, improved focus and concentration, enhanced respiratory functions, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

Surya Kriya-12 Key Points to know.

Origin and Purpose: Surya Kriya is a yogic practice that originated in the ancient Indian yogic tradition. It is designed to align the practitioner with the solar cycles and enhance physical, mental, and energetic well-being.

Isha Foundation: The practice was popularized by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting well-being and inner transformation through yoga and meditation.

Postures and Breathing: Surya Kriya involves a sequence of yoga postures (asanas) and controlled breathing techniques. The postures are designed to activate specific energy points in the body, particularly the solar plexus.

Solar Plexus Activation: The solar plexus, located in the upper abdomen, is considered a key energy center in yogic and Eastern traditions. Surya Kriya aims to activate and balance the solar plexus, leading to improved digestion, increased vitality, and emotional stability.

Dynamic Practice: Surya Kriya is a dynamic practice that involves both physical movement and breath control. The synchronization of movement and breath helps to increase energy flow and awareness.

Internal Processes: Along with physical postures and breath, Surya Kriya includes specific internal processes, such as energy locks (bandhas) and focused attention on various body parts. These processes contribute to the holistic benefits of the practice.

Health Benefits: Practitioners of Surya Kriya often report improved physical flexibility, enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, increased energy levels, and better overall well-being.

Guidance: Surya Kriya should be learned under the guidance of a certified instructor, especially for beginners. In-person workshops and classes are typically offered by Isha Foundation teachers.

Adaptability: The practice can be adapted to suit various fitness levels and body types. However, it’s important to practice with awareness and within your own physical limits.

Regular Practice: Like any yoga practice, consistency is key. Regular practice of Surya Kriya is more likely to yield positive results over time.

Precautions: Individuals with certain medical conditions, injuries, or health concerns should consult a medical professional before attempting Surya Kriya. Pregnant women and those with specific health issues may need to modify or avoid certain postures.

Holistic Approach: Surya Kriya is not just a physical exercise; it incorporates elements of mindfulness, breath control, and energy awareness, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Heath Benefits of Surya Kriya

Surya Kriya offers a range of health benefits that contribute to overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Flexibility: Surya Kriya involves a sequence of yoga postures that promote stretching and flexibility of muscles and joints. Regular practice can lead to an increased range of motion and reduced stiffness.

Enhanced Digestion: The practice activates the solar plexus, which is associated with digestion. Surya Kriya’s postures and breathing techniques can stimulate the digestive system, potentially improving metabolism and digestion.

Increased Energy Levels: The synchronization of breath and movement in Surya Kriya enhances energy flow in the body, leaving practitioners feeling more invigorated and alert.

Stress Reduction: Mindful engagement in Surya Kriya helps calm the mind and reduce stress. The deep breathing and focused attention on the practice divert attention from everyday concerns, promoting relaxation.

Emotional Balance: Regular practice can lead to emotional balance and stability. The activation of the solar plexus, considered the body’s emotional center, may help manage emotions and promote a positive outlook.

Better Respiratory Function: The controlled breathing techniques used in Surya Kriya improve lung capacity and respiratory efficiency. This can enhance oxygen intake and contribute to better overall respiratory health.

Mental Clarity: The combination of movement, breath control, and concentration can sharpen mental focus and clarity. Practitioners often report increased awareness and improved cognitive function.

Enhanced Immune System: Reduced stress, increased energy, and better overall well-being from practicing Surya Kriya can positively impact the immune system, potentially making the body more resilient to illnesses.

Physical Strength: The postures in Surya Kriya engage various muscle groups, leading to improved muscular strength and endurance over time.

Balanced Hormones: Regular practice can help regulate hormonal balance due to the positive impact on the endocrine system. Hormonal balance contributes to overall physical and emotional health.

Better Posture and Alignment: Surya Kriya’s emphasis on body awareness and alignment can lead to improved posture and reduced muscular imbalances.

Mind-Body Connection: The practice fosters a strong connection between the mind and body, promoting a sense of unity and holistic well-being.

It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and while Surya Kriya can offer these benefits, they are typically achieved through consistent and correct practice over time. As with any exercise or wellness practice, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before beginning, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions or concerns.

Powerful Technique of Surya Kriya

Surya Kriya is a yogic practice that involves a sequence of postures, breathing techniques, and internal processes. It’s important to note that Surya Kriya should be learned from a certified instructor to ensure proper guidance and alignment. However, here’s a general overview of the technique:

Preparation: Find a quiet and clean space to practice. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. It’s recommended to practice on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after a meal.

Warm-up: Begin with a gentle warm-up to prepare the body for the practice. Gentle stretches and joint movements can help loosen the muscles and joints.

Asana Sequence
: Surya Kriya involves a sequence of postures that are performed in a specific order. These postures are designed to activate various energy points in the body.

1-Pranayama: The practice usually begins with pranayama (controlled breathing) to center the mind and synchronize breath with movement.

2-Sun Salutation Variation: The asana sequence often includes a variation of the traditional Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) along with other postures. These movements engage the entire body and promote flexibility.

Internal Processes:

Bandhas: Energy locks, known as bandhas, are engaged during the practice to direct and control energy flow. The primary bandhas used in Surya Kriya are the Jalandhara Bandha (chin lock) and Uddiyana Bandha (abdominal lock).

1- Mudras: Hand gestures or mudras are often used to direct energy flow within the body. These may include specific hand positions during the practice.

2- Visualization: Some variations of Surya Kriya incorporate visualization techniques, where practitioners focus their attention on specific energy centers or mental images.

3- Breath Awareness: Throughout the practice, maintain a strong awareness of the breath. Breathing is synchronized with movement to create a rhythmic and harmonious flow.

Cool Down: After completing the sequence, engage in gentle stretches and relaxation poses to cool down the body and allow the energy to settle.

Rest and Integration: After the practice, take a few moments to rest in Savasana (corpse pose) to integrate the effects of the practice and allow the body to relax.

Remember that Surya Kriya is a holistic practice that involves more than just physical postures; it includes breath control, energy awareness, and mindfulness. It’s important to approach the practice with respect, patience, and regularity to experience its benefits fully. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new exercise or wellness routine, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions.


Surya Kriya, a radiant gem from the treasure troves of ancient Indian yogic wisdom, has been gracefully rekindled by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev through the Isha Foundation. This practice is a bridge to the solar rhythms, offering a profound pathway to holistic well-being. Crafted as a dynamic journey, Surya Kriya weaves together an intricate tapestry of specific yoga postures, mindful breath control, energizing locks (bandhas), and inner alchemy.

Centrally orchestrated around the solar plexus, this practice ignites a symphony of benefits. It harmonizes digestion, infusing vitality into every sinew. With a meticulous sequence, it unfurls the petals of flexibility while serenading the dance of stress reduction and heightened energy levels. As one navigates through the intricate asanas, mental clarity emerges as a luminous guide, leading to emotional equilibrium.

Cautioning the seeker to tread the path under the gentle tutelage of a certified guide, Surya Kriya embraces uniqueness. It’s a personalized expedition where each individual’s rhythm converges with the solar cadence. A prelude of preparatory stretches eases the journey, culminating in a mosaic of postures that draw inspiration from the majestic Sun Salutation.

Yet, more than the physical dimensions, Surya Kriya is an odyssey of consciousness. The intricate interplay of breath, posture, and energy kindles a fire that lights the path to profound unity – a union of mind, body, and the cosmos. With the constellation of benefits as a North Star, Surya Kriya invites practitioners to weave their unique narratives of wellness.

However, before embarking on this solar sojourn, seeking counsel from medical navigators is sage. As Surya Kriya taps into the core of one’s being, its brilliance truly shines under the aegis of professional guidance. It isn’t just a practice; it’s an intimate conversation with the universe, orchestrated by the wisdom of millennia, guided by the hands of modern sages.

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