Angamardana is a powerful yogic practice that is part of the Isha Hatha Yoga tradition, founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. It is a series of 31 dynamic and vigorous exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscles and joints, increase flexibility, and improve overall fitness and vitality.

The word “Angamardana” translates to “gaining complete mastery over the limbs” in the Sanskrit language. The practice involves a combination of physical postures, rhythmic breathing, and mental focus. It is aimed at bringing the body and mind into alignment, enhancing physical strength, and boosting energy levels.

Angamardana is considered a holistic practice as it targets every aspect of the body, including the muscles, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, and the fundamental energy system. It is known to have numerous benefits, such as:

Improved strength and flexibility: The practice involves a range of movements that target various muscle groups, helping to develop both strength and flexibility simultaneously.

Enhanced endurance and vitality: Regular practice of Angamardana improves cardiovascular health and stamina, leading to increased energy levels and vitality.

Corrects postural imbalances: The practice helps correct postural imbalances and aligns the skeletal system, promoting better posture and overall body alignment.

Boosts mental focus: Angamardana requires concentration and mindfulness, leading to improved mental focus and clarity.


Balances the energy system: The practice stimulates and balances the energy flow within the body, promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

It is important to learn Angamardana under the guidance of a trained instructor, as they can provide proper guidance, corrections, and ensure safety during the practice

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