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Best Online Therapy-According to a recent study, 21 percent of adults in the United States suffer from at least one form of mental illness, highlighting the urgent need for affordable mental health care options. The cost of therapy sessions can often be a significant barrier to those seeking treatment. Fortunately, online therapy providers that accept insurance help ease that financial burden, allowing people to get the support they need without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses. Here we list the best online therapy services that accept insurance or support insurance reimbursement.

Top 10 Best Online Therapy that Requires Insurance in 2023.

  1. TalkSpace – the best online therapy that usually includes insurance.
  2. Cerebral – best at an affordable monthly price.
  3. Thriveworks – best face-to-face alternative therapy Face.
  4. BetterHelp – Best Selected Certified Counselors.
  5. BrightSide – Best for Depression & Anxiety.
  6. LiveHealth Online – Best for Pediatric Care.
  7. Amwell – Best for Accessibility.
  8. MDLive – Best Customer Reviews.
  9. Doctor on Demand – Best 24/7.
  10. online – The best cognitive behavioral therapy online.

There are some general tips to find out the best online therapy options that accept insurance. Here are a few steps you can take: 

Check your insurer’s website: First, visit or contact your insurer’s website. They may have a list of approved online therapy providers or resources to help you find one. 
Online Vendors: Look for online therapy platforms or individual therapists online with your insurance company. Network service providers typically contract with insurance companies who accept their coverage, which can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.
Check Insurance Coverage: Once you have found potential treatment providers online, it is extremely important to check their coverage with your insurance company. Contact your insurer or review your plan documents to confirm the specific mental health services covered, including online therapy. 
Consider telehealth platforms: Some telehealth platforms specialize in online therapy and may work with insurance companies. These platforms often offer a wide range of mental health services and connect you with licensed therapists. Contact 
Therapists Directly: If you prefer to work with a single therapist rather than a platform, you can search for licensed therapists who offer therapy online and accept insurance. Websites such as Psychology Today, TherapyDen, or an insurance directory can be helpful resources. 
Talk to Your Insurance Company: If you are having trouble finding an online therapy provider that accepts your insurance, contact your insurance company directly. They may be able to give you further advice or help you find alternative options.


The online medical site is accepting insurance to make mental health services more accessible and affordable for consumers. Note that insurance coverage and coverage may vary by location and provider.

The best Online therapy platform, BetterHelp accepts insurance and is one of the most popular. They have an extensive network of licensed therapists who provide personalized treatment for a variety of mental health issues. You can check their website or call customer support to find out if they accept your insurance.

Another option is Talkspace, which offers online therapy and can accept insurance plans. It provides text, audio, and video therapy with licensed therapists, allowing clients to receive support from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, some health insurance companies always have their online mental health services. For example, Cigna has partnered with Talkspace to provide online healthcare to its members.

Before choosing an online treatment plan, it’s important to check coverage and out-of-pocket costs with your insurance company.

Also, make sure the providers on the platform are licensed and experienced in providing the support you need. Always do extensive research to find the best product for your specific needs and situation.


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